Do you want to break the relationship and that relationship is not only a boyfriend or a girlfriend relationship? This is also a brother and a sister relationship, father and mother relationship, husband and wife relationship, and other relationships. There’re various reasons why you want to break a relationship maybe because someone is not giving you some intentions. Maybe someone doesn’t care about you and listen to you, and you don’t like such type of behavior of someone.

dua to break someone relationship
You don’t like it because of the nature of that person whom you want to break your relationship without any tension. So, brothers and sisters if you want to break any type of relationship then take help from dua and wazifa. If you want to break any relationship, then you have to perform the dua and strong wazifa to break a relationship. The wazifa to break relationship will be good for you and with the help of this, you’ll easily break the relationship.

Dua to break up a couple
Is your partner in a relationship with you then at that he or she also in a relationship with others? This is the thing which you don’t like and hence at that time; you want to break your relationship. If you are a couple then in the religion of Islam, you are making mistakes because making a relationship with another is a Haram thing. But if you want to make a relationship with halal then, first of all, you have to do an engagement.

This will assure you that, you are going to do marriage with your beloved one and this come under Halal. But if your beloved one is going to marry someone else or he/she loves or likes someone else. This will not help you to live a relationship, and at that time, you have to break such a relationship. You will easily do break up with a couple with help from the most powerful and working dua to break a marriage or relationship.

Islamic dua to break up a couple will help you to break any type of couples who’re in a relationship. So, brothers and sisters if you are in a relationship and want to break up then recite this powerful dua.

Prayer to break up a relationship
Are you facing any type of problem in your life and now you want to break or remove such a problem? Then you can solve such type of problem with the help of powerful dua as well as from the wazifa. But do you know that, if you want to break any relationship then you can also take help from prayer? The prayer to break up a relationship will also help you to break any type of relationship without any problem.

Here is the dua to break up a couple or a wazifa to break up the relationship and the prayer also.

You just have to follow some of the simple steps and here are all these steps of how to perform this Dua, wazifa, and prayer.

In the first step, you have to offer all the Salah or Namaz in a day which will help you to become a good Muslim.
After that, pray two raqats of Chashat namaz and then think about that person whom you want to do the breakup.
This means that you have to imagine that person and then read Darood Shareef 11 times.
In the next step, you have to recite the Surah Lahab 19 times and then make a dua from the Almighty Allah.
In Sha Allah, after that, the Almighty Allah will help you to break up with that person whom you want to do break up.
Perform this procedure until you get the benefits from this dua, wazifa as well as from the prayer.
Always remember that you don’t have to miss any Salah or namaz because if you miss any Namaz, this procedure will not gonna work.

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