In marriage, giving birth to a baby is a dream for every couple (husband and a wife). Husband and wife wish to have a baby but you don’t know how beautiful your baby should be? If you both are afraid to know this then recite the dua for beautiful baby while pregnant. This is the most powerful and working dua for a beautiful baby while pregnant and if you will recite it. You will get a beautiful baby and that baby should be much more beautiful which you can’t imagine.

dua for healthy and safe baby
Dua for beautiful baby while pregnant changes the nature of your baby and also changes the way of life. Your baby should automatically become the most beautiful and everyone should love it. So, if you are that husband or a wife who is wishing to have a beautiful baby then you come into the right place. Because here in this article, we will tell you this dua for a beautiful baby while pregnant.

Dua for Healthy Baby
Having a beautiful and healthy baby is also the aim of every husband and a wife. If you are that husband or a wife whose baby is not healthy then you know. They are not happy because every parent wants their baby should always live happily and healthy. And if you are also those parents whose baby is not healthy or you want a healthy baby.

Then, brothers and sisters, this article is only for you because here in this article. We will tell you the most powerful and working dua for a healthy baby. If you will continuously recite this dua for a healthy baby. The Almighty Allah will provide you a baby which is much more beautiful and healthy also. It doesn’t matter who will recite this dua for healthy baby, both the husband and a wife can recite it.

If you both will recite this dua, you guys will definitely get help from it. We are sure because we have taken this dua from the Quran. That’s the reason, we are 100% sure about that.

Dua for a Baby Boy During Pregnancy
Most of the peoples in this world doesn’t compare any girl to boy and boy to girl. But still, there are some of the parents who want to get a baby boy because maybe they are not getting a baby boy. That’s the reason, now you are looking for the working dua for a baby boy during pregnancy. So, if you are that husband or a wife who is looking for a baby boy.

Then, you should have to recite all these dua after praying all 5 times Namaz. You don’t have to miss any salah because if you miss any namaz. Our brothers and sisters you will not get the benefits from all these duas. We are providing you only one dua which is the combination of all these dua. You should have to recite this dua when you are making a dua. And then recite it:

“Wa Yumdid kumm Bi Amwaalinn Waa Baneenaa Waa Yajj Allakumm Jannatinn Waa Yajj Allakumm Anhaa rann”

After the recitation, you should have to beg a beautiful and healthy baby boy or girl from the Almighty Allah. And In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah will hear you and give you a beautiful and healthy baby boy or a girl. Aameen ya Rabb. Summa Aameen.

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