Apne Khoya Pyar Wapas Pane ka Amal Wazifa

When you love someone deeply with your heart and at that time you want to talk to her or him. Every time, you want to talk with her or him whether in the day or in the night. Because you like the company of that person whom you loved a lot. And hence as a result of this, you want to spend your whole life with him or her. But due to some of the problems are issues in your relationship and your loved one is not with you. Even he or she doesn’t like your company and doesn’t want to talk to you anymore.

As a result of this, you are missing him/her self and still, your mind is not focusing to do work. Here is the most powerful and the strongest wazifa for the Apne khoya pyar wapas pane ka amal wazifa. After applying this most powerful Wazifa in your life, your loved one who’s angry with you will come back in your life. No matter how much anger he or she is with you if you will apply this in a correct way.

In Sha Allah, the Almighty Allah SWT will give you back your loved one in your life again.

Khoye Pyar ko Pane ka Tarika
If that fight occurs between you and your loved one due to some of the reasons. It doesn’t matter that it should be the choice of yours or maybe your fault. It also the fault of your loved one and I am not only targeting you did this. Maybe this was done by any mistake or other critical reasons or serious reasons.

pyar wapis bulane ka amal

And if your beloved one is angry with you but you are missing to him or her. You are missing his or her every little bit or much more talk that you have done in your relationship. But you know my brothers and sisters, you can easily back your beloved one in your life. You just have to follow some of the dua, wazifa, Amal, and Taweez, if you’ll follow one of these tips. In sha Allah the Almighty Allah will help you and give your lover back in your life. I know that you love your beloved one so much. That’s why you are trying these such things. And you know my brothers and sisters, this is not the bad and a hard thing.

Because the dua, the wazifa, the Amal, and the Taweez are the most powerful weapons for the human being. If he/she is not achieving anything in their life then these dua, wazifa, Amal, and Taweez will help you to achieve this.

So my brothers and sisters if you’re loved one is angry with you, you just have to use this weapon.

Dua to get lost love back
If you like someone and you want to marry him or her and want to live your whole life with that person. But he or she is displeased with you and he or she doesn’t like your company and has gone away from you. Even he or she is not willing to marry you anymore due to some of the quarrels. Then as a result of this, you have to perform this Dua for love to return.

Here is the method to do the Dua to get lost love back:-
“Sal Yaa Rasooluu aheeraa soolaa bi’haqqii ishrahiyaa maalikii youmiddeenn maa arhimuu arrahmeen“

You have to bring this dua into effect, after the fajr or Isha prayer.
You have to read this 101 times daily along with Durood-e-Shareef 3 times before and after for 21 days.
After completing these things for 21 days, again read this verse for 41 times.
And after that, you have to blow it on some sweet and by some means give it to the person to eat.
But as a result of this, you have to keep your intentions pure.
In Sha ALLAH the heart of the person will melt whom you want to back in your life again. And In Sha Allah, he or she will start loving you back again.

Apne khoye Pyar ko Pane ki Dua
Most of the girls in this world attempts suiciding when the person who promised them to marry rejects for marriage at the last moment. This is not a good idea and even a good thinking. Suiciding will cause harm to you as well as your family. You should stop thinking of such acts and instead keep hope on Almighty ALLAH. As a result of this, you also have to offer the Dua for Apne khoye pyar ko pane ki dua.

Here is the dua for Apne khoye pyar ko pane ki dua:-
“ Laaqad Jaa-aakuum Rasoolumiin

Anfusikuum Azizuun Aalaihii Maa

Aansuum Hareesuun-Alaikum

Bilmu-umineenaa Ra-=ufurr-raheem”

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